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Our company was established to make available to business owners (including private customers) the perfect solution for the business or project.

From a smart telephone exchange, to a website that simultaneously interfaces with the telephone system.

call capacity

The telephone system can hold thousands of listeners at the same time, without breakdowns and disconnections

left a message in the email

The listener records a voice message, and as soon as the message is confirmed, it comes directly to your email, along with data such as time and date The recording and the phone number that recorded it.

minutes of listening

Ability to know in real time the number of listening minutes in the system from the beginning of the month, receiving a monthly listener summary report and more.

Order forms online

PDF documents are pre-entered into the extension and sent to the fax directly from the system. The listener orders the form to his fax number by Dial the number at the designated extension.

Sign up to receive updates to mailing lists

When there is new content or information, you can send a voice message with automatic dialing to distribution lists.

Attendance registration

Entry and exit clock, with neat reports.

Distribution of chapters of the Psalms, Mishnayat, Gemara and good Kabbals

For mass distribution for prayer for healing or soul lifting.

Setting a time to activate an extension

Time limit (date and time) from when you can enter the extension, and until when.


American style questionnaire with receiving a score. Possibility of hearing the grade, detailing the correct and incorrect answers, sending the test report by email and more.

Registration and appointment management

Selecting dates, receiving an automatic appointment for the nearest appointment, organized reports and more.

trivia game

A telephone game accompanied by a score for correct answers. American style or true/false questions, alternating questions and more

Saturdays and holidays

The telephone system is locked upon the entrance of Shabbat Kodesh / the holiday and unlocked upon their departure.


The telephone system can be connected to existing software through an API connection, in order to perform registrations, payments, etc. in synchronization Fill directly into your software.

Live Broadcast

Running a live broadcast to hundreds and thousands of listeners. Muting and unmuting options for the listener, receiving a voting signal for the request Joining the broadcast, playing a sound file during the broadcast, control by an innovative and convenient computer interface and more. You can record the broadcast, And immediately after that, the recording goes automatically to a desired extension in the system.

registration system

Receiving data from listeners by recording and/or typing. You can create a limit for the number of subscribers, the range of keystrokes and more. Registrant data Sent to email immediately upon registration, you can combine receiving the data with the possibility of immediate credit clearing. Keystroke data - the keystrokes are captured and entered into the registration table. For example: enter a phone number, ID card, and more. Data in the recording - the recordings are identified, transcribed into text, and entered into the registration table. For example: recording name, address and more by me STT speech recognition system.

Multiple extensions

Possibility of extensions within extensions. Menus, sub-menus, two-digit extensions and more. For example: 'For Hanukkah workshops press one' and after the tap another menu: 'For Sunday press one..', and so on. can be added Recording of the course itself by the lecturers, and listening to the content later online.

Listening to content

Listening to recorded information. Lessons, lectures, stories, songs, etc., with the option of skipping within a file and between files, receiving a score on Listening, changing daily files and more.


Possibility to receive reports of various types: login and listening details in extensions, score, call routings made and more.

Content recording

Content recording by a listener and/or manager. Common options: immediate transfer of the recording to another extension, sending a recording with confirmation The message, sending a recording to email, and more.

Credit clearing

You can set an amount for it (for example: in registration or sale) or let the listener choose the amount. It is also possible to allow a transaction in installments, direct debit, and more

Call routing

Transferring the call from the system to another phone number, mobile or landline. Waiting in line mechanism, 'your position in line is..', listening to music pending and more.

Caller ID

is possible to define and perform identification on a listener calling the system, based on a phone number, ID number, personal code and more. Option to add Name and additional data for the identification number. All the data will be recorded in various reports that the system issues.

New - SIP dialer for receiving calls from the computer or IP phone

You can receive calls from the telephone system to the computer or to an IP telephone from any routing module in the system, as well as make calls from the computer and your CRM software.

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